Plesiosaur Discovered






Plesiosaur Discovered (1977). Scientists have wondered for decades whether an "extinct" dinosaur would ever be found alive. Then, in April 1977, a Japanese fishing vessel caught a 4,000 pound [1814 kg], 10 meter [33 yd] creature in its nets off the east coast of New Zealand. A qualified zoologist, who was on board, photographed and examined it carefully; he confirmed that, indeed, it was a plesiosaur, a sea-dwelling dinosaur which supposedly had been dead for 100 million years! They were so thrilled, that they published scientific papers on it and issued a postage stamp! But, recognizing that the creature would disprove their fossil/strata theory, Western scientists said it must have been a sea lion! There was an almost total news blackout on this in the West, with the exception of a few publications (*New York Times, July 24, 1977; Nature, July 28, 1977). (There is more data in chapter 12, Fossils and Strata; our website has pictures.)

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