Was Lucy An Ape-man?
1976 - *Johnson said "Lucy has massive V-shaped jaws in contrast to man". (National Geographic Magazine, 150: 790-810). 
1977 - Tiny skull, ape type head, chimp size braincase of 450cc. "was suprisingly short legged" (*Time, Novenber 7, 1979, pp. 68-69).  
1979 - *Johanson and *White placed Lucy under ape/man classification (Australopithecus afarensis).
1979 - *Owen Lovejoy an anatomist, (Leakey's associate) at a  lecture in the United States, states Lucy's knee joints revealed her to be as ape.1981 - *Johnson said, "embarrassingly un-Homo like" (Science 81, 2(2): 53-55).
1982 - *Dr. Yves Coppens on BBC-TV, Lucy's skull was like that of an ape.
1982 - thumb apelike, toes long and curved for tree climbing and "she probably nested in the trees and lived like others monkeys" *Susman and *Stern of New York University, (Bible Science Newsletter, 1982, p. 4)
1983 - *Jeremy Cherfas, Ankle bone (talus) tilts back like a gorilla (humans tilt forward for walking upright). "Unmistakable" differences between Lucy and humans (*J. Cherfas, New Science, (97: 172 [1982].
1984 - "To Complicate matters further, some researchers believe that afarensis sample [Lucy] is really a mixture of two separate species. The most convincing evidence fot this is based on characterists of the knee and elbow joints." *Peter Andrews, "The Desent of Man," in New Svience, 102:24 (1984).
1990 -  "Although the Lucy fossils were initally date at three million years, *Johnson had announced them as 3.5 million because he said the species was 'the same' as a skull found by *Mary Leaky at Laetoli, Tanzania. By proposing *Mary Leakey's find as the 'type specimen' for Australopithecus afarensis, he was identifing Lucy with another fossil 1,000 miles [1609 km] from the Afar [in northern Ethopia] and half a million years older! *Mary thought the two not at all the same and refused to have any part of linking her specimen with [*Johnson's] afarensis.. She announced that she strongly resented Johnson's 'approriating' her find, her reputation and the older date to lend authority to Lucy. Thus began the bitter, persistent feud between Johnson and the Leakeys." *R. Milner, Encyclopedia of Evolution (1990), p. 285.   
"Johnson himself originally described the fossils as Homo, a species of man, but soon after changed his mind based on the assessment of his colleague, *Tim White. They now describe the bones as too apelike in the jaws, teeth and skull to be considered Homo, yet also sufficiently distinct from other, later australopithecines to warrent their own species." *Ibid.

"The evidence.. Makes its overwhelmingly likely that Lucy was no more than a variety of pigmy chimpanzee, and walked the same way (awkwardly upright on occasions, but mostly quadrupedal). The 'evidence' for alleged transformation from ape to man is extremely unconvincing." A.W. Mehlert [creatianist], news note, Creation Research Society Quarterly, December 1985, p. 145.  

 "A five million year old piece of bone that was thought to be the collarbone of a humanlike creature is actually part of a dolphin rib... The problem with a lot of anthropologists is that they want so much to find a hominid that any scrap of bone becomes a hominid bone." Dr. Tim White (anthropologist, University of California, Berkeley) as quoted by * Ian Anderson in New Scientist, April 28, 1983, p. 199

"But I myself remain totally unpersuaded. Almost always when I have tried to check the anatomical claims on which the status of Australopithicus is based, I have ended in failure...the Australopithecine skull is in fact so overwhelmingly simian as opposed to human that the contrary proposition could be equated to an assertion that black is white." *S. Zuckerman, Beyond the Ivory Tower, Taplinger Pub. Co., NY, pg. 77

"…the australopithecines known over the last several decades…are now irrevocably removed from a place in the evolution of human bipedalism, possibly from a place in a group any closer to humans than to African apes and certainly from any place in the direct human lineage" *Dr. Charles Oxnard, The Order of Man, Yale University Press, pg. 332

"For example, no scientist could logically dispute the proposition that man, without having been involved in any act of divine creation, evolved from some ape-like creature in a very short space of time – speaking in geological terms – without leaving any fossil traces of the steps of the transformation."
S. Zuckerman, Beyond the Ivory Tower, Taplinger Publishing Co., p. 77

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