Spontaneous Generation

The theory of life from non-living things is the error of "spontaneous generation," Spontaneous generation was called abiogensis and is now referred by evolutionists as  biopoiesis. "Biogenesis is a term in biology that is derived from two Greek words meaning life and birth. According to the theory of biogenesis, living things decended only from nonliving things. They cannot develope spontaneously from nonliving materials. Until comparatively recent times, scientists believed that certain tiny forms of life, such as bacteria, arose spontaneously from non-living substances." *Biogenesis, "*World Book Encyclopedia, p. B-242 (1972 edition). 

"Pasteur's demonstration apparently laid the theory of spontaneous generation to rest permanently. All this left a germ of embarrassment for scientists. How had life originated after all, if not through divine creation or through spontaneous generation?..
"They [today's scientists] are back to spontaneous generation, but with a difference. The pre-Pasteur view of spontaneous generation was of something taking place now and quickly. The modern view is that it took place long ago and very slowly." *Isaac Asimov, Asimov's New Guide to Science (1984), pp. 638-639.

"His aphorism 'omnis cellula e cellula' [every living cell arises from a preexisting living cell] ranks with Pasteur's 'omne vivum vivo'  [every living thing arises from a preexisting a preexisting living thing] as among the most revolutionary generalizations of biology"  *Rudolf Virchow, *Encyclopedia Britannica. 1973 Edition, Vol. 23, p. 35.

" 'Spontaneous generation  is a chimera [illusion].'--Louis Pasteur, French chemist and microbiologist." *Isaac Asimov's Book of Science and Nature Quotations (1988), p. 193. 

"What really matters, to start life, is the faculty of reproduction" (*G. Montalenti, Studies in the Philosophy of Biology, 1974, p. 13)

"You may be surprised to hear that the origin of species remains just as much a mystery today, despite the efforts of thousands of biologists. The topic has been the main focus of attention and is beset by endless controveries." *Gordon R. Tayor, Great Evolution Mystery (1983), p. 140

"Mathematics and dynamics fail us when we contemplate the earth, fitted for life but lifeless, and try to imagine the commencement of life upon it. This certainly did not take place by any action of chemistry, or electricity, or crystalline grouping of molecules under the influence of force, or by any possible kind of fortuitous concourse of atmosphere. We must pause, face to face with the mystery and miracle of creation of living things." Lord Kevin, quoted in Battle for Craetion, p. 232.



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