Neanderthals: Caveman or Human?

Poland,  ("Neanderthal in Armour", in *Nature, April 23, 1908, p. 587). (2).  

Philippian Islands, less then 100 year old skeleton because of extreme moisture  ("Living Neanderthal Man"' in *Nature, December 8, 1910, p. 186). 
"Normal human brain size is 1450cc-1500cc. Neanderthal's is 1600cc. If his brow is low, his brain is larger than modern man's." Michael Pitman, Adam and Evolution (1984), p. 87. 
"The cranial capacity of the Neanderthal race of Homosapiens was, on average, equal to or greater than that in modern man." *Theodosius Dobzhansky, "Cahnging Man", in Science, Janurary 27. 1967, p. 410.

"The [Neanderthal] brain case on the average was more than 13 percent larger than that of the average of modern man." Erich A. von Fange, "Time Upside Down, "in Creation Research Society Quarterly, June 1974, p.23

"Perhaps more than any other science, human prehistory is a highly personalized pursuit, the whole atmosphere reverberating with the repeated collisions of oversized egos. The reasons are not difficult to discover. For a start, the topic under scrutiny—human origins—is highly emotional, and there are reputations to be made and public acclaim to be savoured for people who unearth ever older putative human ancestors. But the major problem has been the pitifully small number of hominid fossils on which prehistorians exercise their imaginative talents."—*Roger Lewin, "A New Focus for African Prehistory," in New Scientist, September 29, 1977, p. 793.Appendix -

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