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1,750,000 views on YouTube since 12-06-06.

The Letter from Hell with over 285,000 views.

Come join us at , where we have over 1000 videos without the 10 minute limit, and thousands of comments from evolutionists and the lost. Register at

Over 250 creation / evolution videos -

Over 100 videos on Catholicism with Richard Bennett, former priest. Richard interviews former nuns, priests and Catholics. He exposes the evangelical enemies and the emerging church. Video list -

The Preacher Pimps of the Lunatic churches -

The Sodomite Translation -

Live broadcasts at

We provide video support for missionaries, evangelists, and pastors with out cost. Subscribe to our videos at and be notified when a new video is uploaded. We also create channels on Mogulus which broadcasts 24/7.

A few of the Mogulus channels -

Quotes by Evolutionary Scientists Against Evolution
The Big Bang and Stellar Evolution -  
Dino to Birds (Archaeopteryx) - 
Mathematics, Probabilities and DNA -
Plesiosaur Discovered -
Second Law of Thermodynamics -
Soup?, In the Beginning... -
Much more from The Evolution Handbook -

JAPAN NANONET BULLETIN - 11th Issue - February 5, 2004.Revealing the mystery of the bacterial flagellum — A self-assembling nanomachine with fine switching capability -

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